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Hotel-Condo financing is a unique financing product that requires specific knowledge of the industry and markets. When asked, many lenders will first tell a potential purchaser that they are able to provide financing on Hotel-Condo. However, experience shows that only mortgage companies that specialize in Hotel-Condo financing will be able to provide such financing, since it is a unique product.
Ho Yu
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Access National Bank can customize a financing package to optimize your Collegiate Inn investment. For a confidential discussion to expedite the borrowing process, please contact us.
Henry Finch, Senior Vice President
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Contact Freedom Bank to discuss your Collegiate Inn Investment. We will provide financing to fit your personal needs and investment plans.
Mark E Wright, Senior Vice President
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The purchaser shall have no rights under the license (“License”) granted by Holiday Hospitality Franchising, Inc. (“Franchisor”) to CIBMM, LLC (“Hotel Owner”) and no right to use the “Holiday Inn®” name or marks or related names or marks for any purpose. Franchisor has no liability to purchasers or mortgagees of Lodging Units. Franchisor has not approved and is not responsible for any sales materials. Franchisor is not involved in the marketing, sale and/or resale of Lodging Units, the Condominium or the rental program and is not responsible for any obligation, act or omission of the seller of any Lodging Unit or the developer of the Condominium. All purchasers of Lodging Units are required to sign, prior to closing, a Certificate in the form approved by Franchisor and available for review upon request.